Desert Storm’11 – Marshal Law – part 4 of 6

Leg 2, SS2 – The Great Rann

We are in position for another rally run through the Rann. The rally track loops through Great Rann 1.5 times and crosses the Tropic of Cancer. All four categories of vehicles – Extreme, Moto/Quad, Endure, and Explore – will participate.

We are at the end of the first loop covering about 300kms. This area is heavily patrolled by BSF. It is early in the morning and time for army’s daily firing practice. For hours shockwaves from cannons keep shaking our car. When they are done, the extreme cars started rolling in.

This section under our watch is an expressway of sorts, with wide stretch of land visible till several kilometres. The stage has its own peculiar hurdles. As is customary with all DS stages, a few cars topple over. One turtles before our TC. Marshals help them to bring their wheels back on the ground and within 15mins the car is back in action and has gone past us. Another one overheats and stalls a few km short of our TC. Somehow they crawl till us. The driver is fuming, as hot as the radiator, while the co-driver is cool enough to realize the opportunity to socialize with the lady manning the TC. They borrow water from us, (precious Bisleri, spared generously) pour it into that radiator and mindlessly turn-on the ignition, spouting coolant all over us. The driver can’t be disgusted anymore while the co-driver steps up his friendly agenda.

Nonetheless, they too don’t give up – move on, stall again, move on again and reach the finish.

Desert Storm'11 - Marshal Law - part 4 of 6N G

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