Oblivious of Boundaries – by Gallery Ragini

A group show showcasing recent works of Dhanur Goyal, Dhawat Singh, Farhad Hussain, Jaiprakash Chouhan, Navin Patel, Nitin Gera, Nisha Sharma, Pankaj Manav, Rajneesh Chhanesh, Rashmi Mala, Ravi Gossain, Ravinder Dutt, Renuka Gulati, Rohit Sharma, Suchit Sahni, Subhash Pujhari, Ved Asurvedh, Vijaya Ved, Vishakha Apte at the Design Studio Warehouse till 5th February, 2015

About the show

The name of the show suggests out of the box thinking – an unconventional venue and unbounded curatorial thought process. The art works touch different realms yet complement each other in the warehouse setting. The idea of pop up space is also commercially driven where sustaining expensive spaces works against the slump in the art world. New ideas and experiments are synonymous with contemporary art and add new energy to create a fresh buzz in the art world.

In Gallery Ragini’s zeal to continuously approach unconventional methods of displaying art shows and also it’s earnest endeavour to reach out to new audiences and to create new art collectors, we have come up with the concept of ‘the pop up ‘ art space. Thus converting a furniture warehouse into an effective contemporary art space.

The art works belong to different realms of the contemporary Indian art scene, show casing quirky contemporary art, lyrical abstracts and traditional Indian art. Also show casing bronze sculptures by two different artist. The amalgamation of different types of art forms juxtaposed in the warehouse space adds new meaning to the alternate art space.

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