Red is the Colour of Life

    In this ongoing series I use the colour red as a symbol of passion for life, as well as a visual anchor. Gulal diffuses in water as a group of friends plunge into the river after a clearly exuberant Holi celebration; a little monk glides on a frozen river using improvised skates; a man rolls his kayak out of a rapid to be upright again; a fire hydrant stands in for a fulcrum while a boy of apparently modest means faces a lifestyle hoarding; blood trickles from an urchin’s forehead as he roams about with his partners in mischief; a woman in red veil takes a break smoking a bidi. These pictures are short narratives of personal quests for simple joys and daily struggles with needs and desires. These are fleeting moments of intense emotions that lurk just below the surface of everyday situations. This series is then an ode to the innate human aspiration for staying alive, that persists, often as a subtle reminder—‘It’s all right, it’s ok. I’ll live to see another day.’

    Red is the Colour of LifeN G