Project Description

In this self-curated show, the artist presents photographic artworks based on ICE. All the artworks are limited edition prints on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta paper.

Artist Statement

This exhibition features artworks that I’ve composed with the specific aesthetic intent to capture forms in ice. I am drawn to ice as a subject for two reasons – the visual appeal of the crystalline form itself and the unique natural conditions that shape it.

Forms in ice are like frozen matrices of the interplay of the natural elements. Visually they have a distinctly stark, even austere, tactile quality that inspires imagination and awesomeness. Metaphorically I see in them frozen snapshots of the infinite causal connections that must exist within a molecule of time – just like DNA that multiplies to make life.

Seal Perceived
Miniatures in Icebergs: Rhino

Nature at its extreme serves as a muse for me. I go there, out of my comfort zone, to a place that is very different from ‘home,’ in order to seek new and unique experiences. While working on the current series I’ve travelled to Ladakh and Iceland during severe winters. These places present exotic vistas. However, my effort has been to refrain from meek surrender to beauty and go beyond typical landscapes by either getting too close or too far away from my subject, or by looking from unique perspectives. This effort reveals not only my very own personal expression, but also uncovers the varied personalities my subjects may acquire at different times and places. Take for example mere blades of grass that could turn into frost flowers or bulbs covered in icy-sheath depending on their placement.

A Memory on the Shore of Consciousness
Another Memory on the Shore of Consciousness

My creative objective is to create abstract artworks with a certain degree of surrealism. I begin with a distinct compositional intent which I then capture with optimum use of the optical arsenal that technology provides. I fine-tune the outcome to compel a viewer to engage with the space on the surface of a photograph. As an artist I consider myself at liberty to intervene into the processes of capturing a picture in order to craft the way a viewer might respond to my art. In doing so, I can separate the visuals from mere mimesis and at other times I can reveal the otherwise inconspicuous aspects of reality.

Time Flows, Memory Freezes - part 1
Time Flows, Memory Freezes - part 3

The technical aspect of photography is very important to me. I like to produce fine details in my artworks that can stimulate tactile sensations. To achieve this it’s important to have the right skill and equipment. I believe that effective art can be created by marrying creativity with craft. For this reason I constantly keep up with the entire slew of cameras, lenses, and accessories that this rapidly advancing industry provides. I respect photography as a powerful medium for creativity.